Guru spreads green gospel

TUNCURRY just got a little greener with one of Australia’s most loved gardening and landscaping experts settling his roots here.

Former Gardening Australia and Australia’s Best Backyards presenter, Andrew O’Sullivan is intent on educating others about the importance and practicality of re-using items around the house and garden, as well as spreading his environ-mental philosophy to a broader audience.

“Reuse is my motto, now that we’ve mastered recycling let’s take a step up and start reusing,” Andrew said.

“There’s no such thing as rubbish, everything has a use and a reason to be here.”

Andrew has had a home in Tuncurry for the past 10 years but recently made the decision to move here permanently, with plans to turn his five acre property Amore into his dream home.

And he’s been more than willing to donate his expertise to a number of community projects since he arrived.

“There’s lots of great things going on through the local councils, Homebase, TAFE and different Aboriginal projects, it’s great to see.

“I didn’t realise there were so many environmental projects around here but I went to the tip and introduced myself and now I’m a leader of the local green corps.

“I’ll be teaching two days a week, showing the group how to build different things, how to reclaim materials and how to grow plants from plants.”

Andrew has had an impressive career, using his qualifications in horticulture, landscape construction, nursery practice and permaculture to work with different councils on community projects, create special children’s gardens in hopsitals, design and build gardens for exclusive Sydney properties, has won various environmental awards and continues to educate others on all aspects of gardening.

His passion, commitment and boundless energy has inspired people around the country to recognise the benefits of using salvaged materials, and he has an innate ability to see beauty and value in old and discarded objects, something he hopes to pass on during the 26 week green corps program.

“I want to inspire these kids to get creative and stop being such a throw-away society. If you can teach the youth then you can teach the world because they’re our future after all.

“The green corps project is fantastic, to see kids reconnect with nature is just magic,” he said.

Andrew also has big plans to turn his property into an educational training facility for people to learn about different plants, sustainable gardening and reusing materials around the house.

“It’s good for the environment, good for your health and good for your well-being.”

-Advocate News, 4 April 2011

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