Volunteer hall of fame

OUR VOLUNTEER GREEN COMMITTEE (in alphabetic order) are: Steve Brereton, John Cavanagh, Ronnie de Plater, John & Cheryl English, Janusz Haschek, Amy McKey, Craig Rees, Barrie Richards, Gordon Rowland, John Weate, Phil Webster and Donna Young.


  • Ian Sercombe, Local architect with impressive expertise in capturing and optimising natural energy sources, www.isarchitect.com.au.
  • Julie Hawk, Website and Facebook wizard www.businessbuzzmarketing.com.au.
  • Michelle Wigzell, Brochure and Signage designer www.nous.net.au
  • Lynda Tisdale, Administration
  • Sally Woodings, Gardening
  • Adam Townsend, GreenBikes

As well as:

  • Bunnings, Forster working at The Green to install their donated Outdoor Kitchen and Pizza Oven!
  • Godwins Green Energy, Tuncurry who have donated huge solar panels to power our site www.godwins.com.au
  • Essential Energy, Forster who donated funds to convert an old shipping container into a Library / Office for The Green.